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Circuit Reports

  • Cable & Conduit Schedule - a general purpose report containing the information commonly found on traditional C & C Schedules (Circuit Number, From/To, Routing, Wire Number and colors, cable information etc.)
  • Circuit List - a more concise listing of circuits with one circuit per line. Information includes circuit number, cable description, from and to equipment numbers and the circuit description.
  • Circuit Sheet - contains all information available relative to each circuit selected. The sheets are broken for each circuit (generally one page per circuit). This report is useful for pulling or terminating cables.
Circuits may be chosen for inclusion in a circuit report by combinations of the following criteria: cable or wire size used, equipment numbers, device types, areas etc. An example selection might include all (active) circuits going to or from a particular area using cables with #12 wire.

Wire Tags

Wire sleeves or markers may be printed on tractor fed stock. The label stock must first be defined in the label catalog.

Cable Tags

Cables tags include most information associated with a circuit. Circuits are selected as described previously. The cable tags must be three inches by 6 inches and two on each row.

Equipment Reports

  • Equipment List - a concise list of selected equipment items. One item per line.
  • Equipment Tracking - a list of the equipment items with a grid showing the current state of each item. There are columns corresponding to each of the tracking fields (To Be Removed, Removed, To Be Installed, Received, Installed, Connected, Electrical Check, Complete). An X will be displayed in the appropriate columns.
  • Equipment by Area - Equipment is organized by the area that it is associated with. Information is the same as found on the Equipment List report.

Cable Catalog Report

Includes all cables defined in the project cable catalog. Information includes all data entered to describe the cable.

Wireway Contents Report

A list of all wireway (conduit, tray etc.) items used in cable routing. Information includes a list of circuits that are routed through the wireway.

Conduit Usage Report

A list of conduit sizes and the total length as entered on the circuit items.

Cable Usage Report

A list of all cables used on the project. Information includes the total length required. The length required is calculated by multiplying the number of cables by the required length on each circuit then summing across all circuits using the cable.

Progress Statistics

Information includes the number of circuit and equipment items defined on the project and a summary of the state of the items.

Project Code Reports

Reports are available for each of the following: Device Types, Areas and Wire Color Schemes.
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